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Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My carpet isn't stained. Should I still consider cleaning it?

A. Yes! Think about how many times you walk across your floor and about the various contaminants that you may be introducing to it. Your carpet's fibers can hold bacteria, dust mites, dust, pollen, and a variety of other allergens. Every time you walk across the floor you're releasing those into the air. In other words, a regular cleaning will improve the air quality in your home.

Q. My local grocery store rents commercial steam cleaners. Can't I just use one of those myself?

A. You certainly can, but bear in mind that 'commercial' is a relative term. Our experts use truck mounted machines that have far more power than those rental machines. Handling your cleaning on your own is fine from time to time, but if you want maximum results you'll want to trust our high-tech, high powered machines.

Q. What about your cleaning chemicals? If they're so strong, won't they hurt my lungs?

A. While our cleaning materials are far stronger than the products available to most of our customers, the fact is that we value your safety and health above anything else. We use cleaning products that are totally baby-safe and pet-friendly. After we're finished with the job there are no residual fumes or compounds left behind. You'll be able to relax knowing that your carpet is clean and that we're not leaving any harmful compounds behind.

Q. I've tried everything to get rid of this wine stain. Are you sure you can eliminate it?

A. In nearly all instances, the answer is yes. There are a few very, very rare occasions when a stain is too heavy and been left in the fiber for too long for us to completely remove it, but even in these situations our experts are able to reduce its appearance. In most cases, we can eliminate stains that our customers think are impossible to get rid of. With our combination of tools, cleansers, and experience, few stains stand a chance against us.

Q. You can really help with water removal and water damage restoration?

A. Absolutely. We use a variety of tools to help get excess water out of your home, then double check with moisture meters to make sure nothing is left behind. After that, we'll work to remove water stains and restore your home. It's not an easy job, but it's one we're very good at doing.

Q. What sets you apart from your competitors?

A. Plenty, including the fact that we use the latest cleaning tools and methods available. But we think that what really makes us special is our devotion to customer service and satisfaction. We believe in making our customers completely happy, and that means that we focus on addressing all of your concerns, answering your questions, and making sure that we don't leave your home or business until you're totally satisfied.

About Carpet Cleaning Services

If you have dirty carpets or stained upholstery that you can't seem to get clean, you owe it to yourself to hire the professionals. There's no better source for carpet cleaning out there, and once you let us take care of your needs you'll see why we've become the leader in cleaning for the entire region.

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